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Mass Tort Settlement Resolution

With projects that involve complex, ever-evolving compliance requirements, ethics rules, and legal and regulatory issues, it is imperative to have a team you can rely upon to properly resolve a mass tort claim.

That’s why many of the nation’s leading mass tort firms turn to our strategic partners to coordinate mass tort projects of varying sizes.

Scalable Mass Tort Solutions

Sage Settlement Consulting partners with industry experts to offer scalable, customized solutions geared at ensuring law firm compliance, streamlining administration, minimizing costs, and reducing settlement funding time.

Whether the claimants are injured minors or adults, the ultimate goal is to ensure that every individual receives proper education about settlement options and potential issues that may arise.

Services include:

  • Qualified Settlement Fund administration
  • Government benefit preservation
  • Travel coordination and case mapping
  • Structured settlements and market-based structured settlements
  • Trust services
  • Lien resolution
  • Claims management
  • Special Master/Guardian Ad Litem/Court Coordination