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Probate Coordination

Some claimants may be required to go through estate administration procedures to receive the distribution of settlement proceeds from a loved one’s estate. The probate process can be slow, and it involves reviewing the decedent’s assets and dividing them according to the law or the decedent’s wishes.

For claimants who do not wish to settle the estate themselves, we work closely with industry leaders to offer expert probate assistance. Our business partners will help coordinate probate matters and, if necessary, will assign local probate counsel from their national database of highly qualified legal counsel to help properly administer the estate.

Given how confusing and expensive the probate process can be, it can save you considerable time and money to engage an expert. Each estate is unique and potentially complex. Contact Sage Settlement Consulting today and get a team behind you who will walk you through the process and connect you with competent counsel at a fair and reasonable cost.